Get Your Doctoral Degree in the United States

No need to fear aspires to be a doctor (S-3) ​​despite having only a bachelor's degree-1. It appeared in the United States do not necessarily have to have a master's degree (S-2) to enroll doctoral program.

The S3 does not have S-2, because if there will keterima class for two years equivalent master.

Roby who received a master's degree and PhD from America says it needs great effort to get a doctoral scholarship. The first contact the professor. Key to enter the doctoral program is a professor recommendation.

Do not be mistaken though professors contacted by e-mail only that easy. Not all professors are willing to retaliate, so send as many e-mail to every professor.

The hardest and most challenging part, Roby said, is to convince the professor. We must ensure that we have our own song.

That is, he said, each prospective student must be able to prove he deserves because he has a different competition and in accordance with the majors.

Roby derived from Bandung Institute of Technology majoring in physics admitted he was not in the best graduate alumni. Even my GPA was not until the first three, but it's perfect GPA is a lot, but if that has a unique imagination and it was not much.

Roby opinion is shared by Yanuar Nugroho, a lecturer at the University of Manchester UK. Do not be afraid to sign up because of the hard work is much more important than grades on paper.

But Roby remind those who want to apply the S-3 need to remember the past also studied. It takes at least 5-7 years for the college of S-2 S-3 as well as abroad. But this is also a fantastic investment.

Especially if keterima the S-3, the cost of living is 99 percent wrong. We also can make money by simply working as a research assistant. Course for students with a family, must have own calculations.

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