Determine Study Programs, Find Out Study Programs

When we've passed, you must decide whether you go to college or work. If you are still involved in the study, of course you should choose college as an option that will be run. If you have this, the next step is to choose majors that are of interest and can determine your future.

But in choosing majors prospective students often have difficulty in determining the direction that will be selected. If it does not match your interests, then there would only be wasting money.

Therefore, before choosing a university that will serve as a place of education, there are times when we have to look at the direction you want to take something like this.

1. Mechanical Engineering
School is much ogled by children who just graduated from high school because it offers a job with a high salary. Although the competition for admission to this course is fairly difficult, but an interest to enter the majors still high. Therefore, for those who are interested can prepare yourself now.

2. Electrical Engineering
For engineering, electrical engineering majors into second majors most in demand after mechanical engineering. This department is unique because it offers a highly preferred area of ​​work children are delighted with today's technology or gadgets.

3. Economy
For non-majors exact sciences, economics also have fans who are not inferior to other majors. Although graduates coming from this area quite a lot, enterprise demand remains high. The purpose of children who choose majors this course so you can easily get a job after completion of continuing higher education.

4. Mathematics
The next is the math majors. Although this science is basic science, mathematician demand remains high. The reason, mathematicians today have a very broad area of ​​work compared to the other majors.

5. Physics
Does not vary much with math majors, physics majors are also much in demand. Interestingly, an interest in majoring in physics is increasing because of the many science-themed movies such as The Big Bang Theory makes young children changed her mind that being a scientist turns cool.

6. Law
Law school is one of the subjects who received many requests a recent graduate who has a good reputation. But of course, to be successful in this field of law should not just choose universities that offer majors law.

7. Psychology
There is one among the famous department even in National International is majoring in psychology. School is always in the top 10 most popular majors in the UK and even the world. This is evidenced by the many interests of the children who graduate from high school as a psychology majors choose further education.

8. Geography
No one thought if this Department of Geography recently in great demand. Studying science is complex and not just a few people who told me this course boring but because of the large demand for geographers then this course to be one of interest.

9. Computer Science
Graduates of Computer Programs (IT) is making companies have to compete for students of this department. Why is that? Of course, due to current technological developments rapidly enough so that the people who have these skills are highly sought after. Which makes this course an option, graduates of this course the opportunity to obtain a high paying job.

Graduates of this course is somewhat somewhat rare but do not be surprised if the majors most in demand by prospective students in Indonesia .. This is of course not surprising because this area is quite stable and the demand for medical personnel pretty much. Well, for those who want to choose majors this course should prepare well for the competition is intense. Then do not forget to choose a university that has a medical school quality.

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