Character Education Concept

In the world of education known several studies, including vocational education, intellectual education, character education, and educational attitudes. Understanding of character education is the provision of an overview on the various types of life values, such as honesty, caring, intelligence, responsibility, beauty, truth, faith and goodness. Character education has more to do with one's psychic (people), among others, in terms of motive, encouragement to do, and the lust or desire.

In the character-based education, information obtained during the study are expected to be integrated as a useful way of life as the response to the problems of life. The existence of character-based education makes man more self-conscious as a citizen, human, beings, male or female. Awareness of the dignity he used as a benchmark in order to think critically, open, objective, and have self-esteem that is not easy to be traded. Making people have an attitude of honesty, honesty, integrity, and productivity.

Not only that, he is also more aware as to what their duties, and how to take a stand in the face of a variety of problem situations, life's full of consciousness is also running, sensitive to the social environment and able to take responsibility for what is done.

Personal formation

The character-based education will be implemented in the school. Actually there are several subjects in the curriculum is there a charge on character-based education, including Civics, religious studies, and Indonesian. Of the three subjects were never taught ugliness. Religion lessons taught us to love others and God. Civics lesson taught to love the country and Indonesian lessons teach how to use polite language, good and right.

Continues why character-based education is still needed?

At least for the moment-based character education is needed because higher education is not a guarantee to a person committing corruption and immoral. The proof is much jail officials caught KPK. Indonesia already has a basic Pancasila state in which already includes teaching about character.

The above problems would be resolved with maximum results from character-based education. The world of education can be a breakthrough for creating young people who have character and achievement. Achieving that must be balanced with the innovation and development of the natural values ​​of each individual.

The realization of the natural values ​​can be achieved with an education that builds individual to be able to recognize himself and can set a goal of education. If it can be done by each student so naturally cultivation of character cultural life will be easier to be implanted.

Education has actually been since the first character is formed. An example is the method disclosed Among Ki Hajar Dewantara, where there are 3 elements of education that goes synergistic (family, school, and community). Among children with the method is expected to grow as the nature and circumstances of his own culture. In order to build an educated character then takes three things that need to be developed that build a culture to prepare students to be better prepared to face the competitive culture change because culture is a continuous, convergent, and concentric. Learners must be prepared to face the rapid technological developments in order to be individuals of high achiver. Individuals who have the readiness to compete both mentally and academically.

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