Benefits And Problems Online College For Education

Maybe we are quite familiar with homeschooling education, where students receive a diploma of graduation certificate from the legitimate educational learning system teacher came to the house. While the more extreme Lecture Online, both students and educators do not need face to face.

Online Colleges in legal language, called Distance Education, namely learning between students and faculty separately, using information and communication technologies for learning, which in turn got a legitimate cert graduation.

When compared with regular lectures, Online Lecture at least 2 (two) times the face as the realization of learning outcomes evaluation of at least 2 (two) times per semester. That is, if the evaluation is conducted using face-to-face direct supervision practices. Only with a computer and internet media, participants were able to follow the lecture.

If we ask those around us about the Online Lecture, probably not many people know even follow it. Educational services is still relatively new.

Usually the distance education system is very useful for those who have worked, in remote areas / away from the center of education, and lack the cost to attend public and private colleges that exist.

Online Lectures learning process may be the answer of educational equity in Indonesia, but also some drawbacks to consider.

Distance education does support opening up opportunities for all Indonesian people wherever, whenever, and however the condition of the participants to learn, without being restricted during the period of their course participants have graduated senior high school / vocational school. However, this study considered an instant and not worry about the resulting quality graduates.

Environmental lectures, community interaction, as well as soft skills can not be found in the Online Class. In fact, participants will learn routines tend to be in a virtual world that can affect a person be anti-social.

We must also remember, the college has a responsibility to print the student aware of the Tri Dharma University, namely: Education and Teaching, Research and Development, and Community Service. The third thing is in desperate need of interaction fellow, Social Value and moral values ​​are real.

Not to mention the matter of supervision will the college itself. Online college can not provide a guarantee for the clarity of the teaching and learning process where participants learned of the teachers are not met directly with educators.

Until now, the government does not allow private universities in Indonesia implement Online Lecture organized than the government. This is because learning can be classified as Class Online fraud if the event does not have a standard implementation of the government's oversight.

Supervision of the process of learning in a regular lecture course easier to do, where if a student is not satisfied, it can be voicing criticisms and suggestions directly to the lecturer or to the head teacher / Rector. While it is difficult to do in the Online Class.

Online College Education is not recommended for those who are still capable of or not a particular obstacle in living a regular lecture.

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