Mystery Behind Child Value Destroyed

Here's an article that focuses on children's learning patterns and problems. There are so many questions about it that appears on our website, regarding the child's learning problems. We will understand and learn about the psychological factors why children have problems with grades in school.

Before we go any further interact, understand that the value or number (symbol) is not the only determinant of the future success of the child in the future. All experienced going to school while he many not be used later, so what would be the educational model used a child until he is mature and can be inherited? Yes, educate and instill character's success since its inception in character fields.

Why would a child while studying at home can be, given the matter more difficult than in schools can, even at the time he was given a place les many exercises that can also, though more difficult because you can, but when the replay value suddenly ugly. Well if you have ever had a problem like this? You who have elementary school children, would often run into problems like this. You definitely get annoyed to learn that your child has learned that last night could be all, but when it turns out their repetitive replay value can be ugly. If this happens once or twice, maybe you can memakluminya, but if this happens repeatedly, you surely getting irritated at your child. It could even be you frustrated and then actually put out negative words.Well what happens behind this problem. A child, who can work on the problems at home and then failed when he replicates. For the same things and it repeatedly, then there are three things you need to be aware of:

1. You have to suspect that the child is experiencing anxiety hidden

You must be not possible? he worried .... why scar from where she anxious?Hidden anxiety is caused by many factors. Yes, so it could be too high demands of our parents or maybe even from his teacher. This demand can not make the child shows optimal quality. So that when the replay, what comes to mind is the fear that he could not meet tutuntan of the old man. Or demands from the teacher as possible. Well you know, when we are worried that we can not think jernih.Anda certainly never experienced it not? when you're anxious, under stress weight. Then a trivial thing can certainly be forgotten. Well this happens to our children. They are worried because our demands are too high, or the necessity to master something.

When they feel inadequate, anxiety that haunt his mind. And what they have learned before suddenly "blank", at the time of test. It also often happens to us. Do you remember the first time you go to college? Perhaps even still in high school? When we repeat all of a sudden going to suddenly forget that we have to write the answers there. Though last night obviously we've learned, it is. Well when we are faced repeated suddenly lost the answer. Especially when the teacher or professor says you have 5 minutes to collect, and the time is up. Okay, the more we are forced finally we are stressed and eventually we forget. And oddly enough when we are collecting the answer sheets, out of the exam room suddenly the answer comes to mind. "Ahh .." why not before the advent of, you definitely grumbling to yourself. You have experienced it not?

Well this happens to our children. So when they repeat, then you should not until they are worried. Demands - demands we make them anxious. Therefore we need to self introspection, whether we've received so far they are. Yes, most of us hope that they are good value. But their value so ugly, we start demanding them. "Why do you value an ugly scar?" Rare is the parent who says, "oh yes, I can understand you na, what's mommy / daddy can help your grades so that next time even better". So when a child has a bad value, things we need to do is to first understand his feelings. I'm sure the boy was not like bad value, not just us. He too did not want its value is certainly ugly. But the reality of others.

When the value is bad, but he's sad we even scold him. He will feel that he is not understood and not understood. On the other days of anxiety that arises in him. He will feel, "oh my bad again if I would get yelled at again", "I definitely let my mama". Ever there was one case where a child does not want to go to school that day because there was repetition. She told my mama ma scared, "why be afraid?" Asked his mother. "I was afraid of disappointing my mom when bad value". And is made by a child class 2 SD. Well, the mother of the incident learned that during this time, he used to say "mama nga problem with your values". But the fact she made her anxious. So sometimes we as parents just say, "nope .. I do not issue any value koq ". But it was just lip service. fact that the child feels different, he felt the demands of parents who are too high.

Well, for this problem we need self-correction should be how do we accept a child for what it is, regardless of its value. Remember that only the value actually indicates he could or belum.Berbahagialah when the value of your ugly children. For what? now you know which one he was not able to. Good teaching should be aimed at improving a child so that he could be competent in the field. Not to label him smart or stupid.

2. Another reason is because of the negative treatments that never received a child could be at home, be at school.

For example, when a child is bad value, then we raved and ranted at him, maybe even in the law. Have stood in the corner, should not eat. Or whatever we can do to it. Well when he received the treatment, then the treatment will imprint on the memory. Next when he repeated it again in other opportunities that clay in sheets because he is not a matter that should be read, but the face of the angry parents. This face suddenly appeared looming in his mind. You can imagine if we are dealing with exam questions and then imagine the fear that arises is the face of a parent who is angry, because we can not. Or teachers may face an embarrassing us in front of our friends. So all that we learned suddenly become lost and eventually repetitive ugly.

Well, if this happens you should need to immediately apologize to your child. You simply say, "repeated the other day when you're ugly, and then papa or mama's mad at you when you feel how?" Whatever answered by your child take for granted. Let him answer, I fear, I feel whatever it is that you just say "Ok sorry, papa may say when it slipped. Or maybe when it mama loose control so scold you too deep. But actually mean very good mama. You would not forgive mama? Mama promise next time will support you if you score bad, we'll find a solution together and you should ask the same mama how good that so values. You definitely kepengen you also good value too, right? "Well, it's certainly much better for the child. Instead we just scold him, asking him to learn, forcing him to learn without ever admit his feelings for affection and to be accepted for what it is.

3. Another reason is the lack of quality care.

You may ask, "Where ah maybe I did not pay attention to my child". Yes, I believe and believe that any parent would notice sometimes anaknya.Tetapi attention we give it does not fit with what is desired by the child, I mean the concern here is that berkuwalitas attention. In a sense we also pay attention to the child's feelings. Not Just pay attention to the tasks that he must slesaikan. Most of us only pay attention to the tasks that must be resolved by a child. We've just noticed you have homework? you studied yet? pencil diraut you already have? Replay tomorrow if you've got a pencil or bolpointnya? Your books have you siapin yet? we only pay attention to the physical aspects. We do not pay attention to those aspects of the child's feelings.

Though much attention will dibutuhkanseorang child is his feelings that he was really fully accepted by his parents. You can give this to the attention berkuwalitas better, the way I read the article entitled "The Importance of Understanding the Emotional Needs Children". It is one of the best ways to provide quality care to your child.

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